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Quick Note: To be honest, I didn’t have much intention of making a blog once I arrived in Sierra Leone for the Peace Corps. Instead, I figured I would keep everyone up to date with what was going on in my life through Facebook and Instagram, and leaning more so on the latter. Considering I’ve never been one for expressing my thoughts or feelings or being particularly articulate, it seemed like a good option. However, while discussing the merits of writing a journal during my service with my dad, he pointed out that at some point when I am old and senile, I will look back on the journal fondly and it will remind me of many things long forgotten. Frustratingly, I didn’t have any good counter argument to that, so I begrudgingly created this blog instead; partly because making something public and online would annoy him (and I was annoyed that he was right), but mainly because it still accomplished the same goal. As they say, everything on the internet lasts forever…Millennials, am I right?


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Elise kalinovich says:

    Hi again Theresa after reading your post victoria and I decided we want to leave real comment.

    Victoria: wow it sounds crazy and cool there. I’m excited for more Theresa-esque descriptions of Sierra Leone.

    Elise: U R AWESOME! I agree with victoria. Also you are quite good at writing I look forward to hearing more about your life altering experience in Sierra Leone. I also like the list. In conclusion I would like to write a list also (with victoria’s help).

    List of things:

    1. We challenge you to write a paragraph in not English next time
    2. Have you ever angry kangaroo kicked someone?
    3.are you sunburnt?
    4. How have you been able to get up so early?
    5. Glad u still procrastinate
    6. Victoria says not glad you still procrastinate
    7. That’s all for now bye bye!


    1. undertheceibatree says:

      Haha good job guys. I am still in fact terrible at learning languages, so I probs won’t a paragraph in a language other than English. I have not kicked anyone either. Also surprisingly, I haven’t really gotten burnt yet, but when I was at the beach I used a lot of the sunscreen James gave me lol And finally, when I first got here I was waking up early, so now I’m just kinda used to it 🙂


  2. Kurt Depp says:

    Nice prologue, I now have it in writing, you were sent to this world to torture me.
    I must now find out who sent you, and why….
    In the meantime, you continue to be somewhat amazing…..and hugely entertaining 🙂
    Love You, Stay safe.


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